Yacht Charters Croatia: Mediterannean

What Do I Need To Know

What do I need to know

Do you only do last minute bookings?
NO we can book in advance as well and for any destination/location and for any number of guests.

Where is th ebest Destination for new or experienced people

How do we book?
All you need to do is just simply use the search form on the home page on the web site and

Do I need any special certificates?

Unless you are booking a yacht with a crew or just a skipper then yes you will need to prove that you are competent and sailing.
What you need varies in different countries, it could be as simple as a letter from your local yacht club, A sailing certificate or in the Caribbean you will just simply need a single page signed CV or Resume. If you are sailing in Croatia you will probabbly require a VHF license. Alos any of the charter operators that we work with all reserve the right to place a skipper on your yacht at your cost if they feel there may be safety issues but this is rare.

Will we need travel insurance.?
Yes you will need a good comprehenisve travel insurance and if you are UK based we would also suggest you take out a Yachtsman's Travel insurance which can be purchased from someone such as Top Sail Insurance

Whats Included in the price?
Well obviously you get the yacht for the duration that you have chose and for the number of passengers you have selected plus generally you will get all equipment, linen, all safety equipment, charts and more than likely A cruising guide